Golden Visas & Global Graft – How Criminal Actors Exploit Citizenship by Investment Programs

While special naturalization programs offered in certain jurisdictions to foreign investors intend to attract foreign direct investment and economic and infrastructure development, these programs can be abused by criminals who seek to launder and conceal proceeds of crime or commit new offences, including financial crimes.

Are Casinos Havens for Money Laundering?

A recent UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) report has found that casinos, junkets, and cryptocurrencies are exacerbating transnational organized criminal activity in East and Southeast Asia as part of the region’s underground banking and money laundering infrastructure. Although the use of casinos to launder money is not new, the proliferation of online gambling since the COVID 19 pandemic has aggravated the existing problem and has given rise to underregulated online gambling venues as more gamblers began playing from home.

Risky Russia – Government Agencies Warn Businesses of Possible Trouble

The US Departments of State, Treasury, Commerce, and Labor in late February issued a business advisory warning firms and financial institutions about the serious legal, financial, and reputational risks of doing business in Russia. According to the State Department’s assessment, Russia’s kleptocratic environment undermines fair competition and the rule of law, exposing businesses to the risk of extortion, appropriation of assets, and US law enforcement action.

Domestic Terrorism – Understanding the Threat and How Banks Can Counter It

Domestic terrorism is not a new threat in America, but in recent years we have seen a significant and horrific increase in violent attacks and activities carried out by individuals and groups motivated by a range of radical ideologies. In response to these troubling developments, our government has stepped up law enforcement, intelligence attention, and resources to combat these threats.