Golden Visas & Global Graft – How Criminal Actors Exploit Citizenship by Investment Programs

While special naturalization programs offered in certain jurisdictions to foreign investors intend to attract foreign direct investment and economic and infrastructure development, these programs can be abused by criminals who seek to launder and conceal proceeds of crime or commit new offences, including financial crimes.

Pig Butchering on the Rise: When Romance Goes Wrong

What is pig butchering and how does it work? Read on to explore the global regulatory response to this rising scam, identify scam tactics and key mitigation strategies.

Real Estate in 2024 – Anticipating a Crackdown on Corruption & Fraud

Real estate in the United States has long been a popular channel for corrupt actors seeking to launder illicitly obtained funds. As part of the Biden administration’s 2021 Strategy on Countering Corruption, a long-awaited proposed rule from the Treasury Department that is slated to take effect in early 2024 will seek to address that glaring loophole in US anti-money laundering (AML) regulations.

What Financial Institutions Can Learn from the Binance Settlement

Explore lessons learned from the recent Binance settlement including risk mitigation strategies for banks and other financial institutions.

Binance Settles with Regulators

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, on November 21st pleaded guilty and agreed to pay more than $4.3 billion to resolve the US Justice Department’s investigation into its violations of the Bank..

Cyber-Enabled Fraud

Cyber-enabled fraud (CEF) is growing, especially with increasing digitalization across the globe.
Technological advances have enabled cyber criminals to develop and increase the scale,
scope, and speed of their illicit activities.